Grey water recycling
    Christian Brother Centre, South Africa



The INTEWA GmbH develops innovative and fool-proof ideas for infiltration of rainwater as well as for rainwater and grey water harvesting. We use our expertise and innovation to direct controlled heavy rainfalls and save water. Our goal is a global perspective contribution to environmental protection. Since our establishment in year 1993 we have set new standards with powerful products and systems as a technology leader.




Christian Brother Centre South Africa

Projekt EcoSUN Subsainable Villages

INTEWA develops and manufactures products for rainwater and greywater harvesting, water treatment as well as rainwater infiltration trenches. The products can be purchased all around the world through a growing partner and dealer network.

INTEWA provides the most efficient solutions for rainwater management in private, public and commercial construction projects.  We assist the planner, the system installers and the system operators with best practice in running the system once implemented.


INTEWA Christian Brother Centre