Our mission


Sustainable Villages

Green technologies and solar for modern settelments with sustainable water and energy management in rural regions of South Africa.

Following United Nations Development Goals, Republic of South African (RSA) addresses, amongst others, housing, water supply, wastewater treatment, sanitation and energy supply as most challenging issues, and inaugurated programs for regions suffering from poor infrastructure and poverty related problems.

Integrated technological approaches involving green technologies for water, sanitation and the solar option for energy, are defined and must be harnessed and cultivated. International cooperation is encouraged. Germany and RSA started joint projects from which EcoSUN Sustainable Villages was launched in 2015 in cooperation with RSA partners from industry and academia.

EcoSUN project aims to develop an infrastructure package that combines proven, applied and marketed, on international scale, technologies after principles of ecological sanitation (Ecosan) and renewable and solar energy use (Sun), in an innovative manner (EcoSUN).

The package will deliver a sustainable solution at a good cost/benefit ratio and an easily maintained technical layout. Education for good operation skills and long term maintenance is integral part of the project. Public participation will guarantee that community is involved in every decision making step.

Its approaches can be highlighted as

  • Encourage local power
  • Let the sun work for us
  • Recycle water and waste
  • Generate power from biomass
  • Develop local skills