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Barbara Mohren Architects have significant experience in the planning and architectural design on account of a having acquired, over many years, a construction experience appropriate for planning in special climate zones.
In addition BM Architects are well versed with the architectural integration of contemporary technological solutions for both Low budget houses and high tech buildings. 

With BM Architects, we plan and build community centers, kindergartens, hotels, lodges and dwellings. 


We were built on the ideas and scope of the architect's activity as used by the Berlin University of Technology in Tanzania. In Tanzania, Tanganyika Lake, tourist Lodges and a community centre were built in cooperation with the University of Dar es Salaam and the local people . Local building materials were used, with simple construction methods, resulting in an successful integration into the rural surroundings .For this South Africa project, Mrs. Flaßnöcke, Professor at the University for Applied Design and Architecture. Wismar, and the Metropolitan University-NMMU, Port Elizabeth, will organise with us a summer school on the basis of the innovative architecture. German and South African students are invited to take part.

Our experiences and results demonstrate that a project will be successful when experience and knowledge is applied to firm aims. Hence, these aims can be identified by investigating the location, climate, topography, surroundings and needs of the inhabitants. Important also is the multiple uses of buildings and sites as an inalienable components of architecture. It could be describe under the motto „take the user with“. 

The development of urban planning, surfaces energy's, power-savings and economical construction, when applied with an ecological point of view are the foundations of our architecture.

Our Architecture deploys natural materials, locally building materials, simple elegant construction, adaptive modular elements and fundamentally an integration of the local culture.